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Tenuta Granducale Dolciano extra virgin olive oil

Numerous finds testify to the production of olive oil in Dolciano since the end of the 17th century.

Tuscan oil was famous for its quality.

A particular recognition of the production area was the promulgation of an edict of 1716, with which the Duke Cosimo III traced the current boundaries of the production area, recognizing the quality of the olive and viticultural productions in the area.

Inside the Dolciano Museum, you will find numerous finds regarding its production. With the arrival of new technologies, in the twentieth century, Dolciano saw the work of harvesting and milling considerably simplified, allowing for better prices and a more rapid spread of the product. Today, olive oil has remained a milestone in the Mediterranean diet, viewed with increasing respect by modern dieticians. And with wise passion this excellent production is maintained.

The extra virgin olive oil from Tenuta Granducale Dolciano has a very low acidity and excellent organoleptic qualities.

You can find the oil of the Tenuta di Dolciano at the Locanda delle Scuderie and try it during the oil and wine tastings at the Tenuta.

On request they are produced, in addition to 0.74 ml and 0.50 ml bottles. the bottles of 0,10 ml. as a gift for your wedding guests .. For more information: +39 3297782664

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